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This year’s fifth JPC will be devoted entirely to osteotomies. Its agenda was developed under the auspices of the Osteotomy Committee of ESSKA and, as usual, with the participation of a wide range of international experts.

 Since the first JPC in 2013, osteotomies have featured prominently in our agenda. However, with the tremendous growth of interest in these methods amounting to a veritable renaissance, we have decided to dedicate the entire event to them. Over the past few years, a number of cutting-edge solutions have emerged to improve planning, stabilisation and execution of osteotomies. We want to present them to the participants and prepare them for implementing them in their everyday practice. Of course, our approach to osteotomies will be different from the typical way they are dealt with at other events. We want to emphasise the significant role of osteotomies in the context of joint preservation, their influence on joint regeneration and biological approaches to enhancing the effects of the osteotomy.

 It has become a tradition for JPC to feature live demo sessions; we have pioneered them in the medical congress market in Poland, making them our trademark. We want to show a live anatomical dissection, seen as knowledge of anatomy is the first step to performing a perfect osteotomy. In the next step, our experts will perform live osteotomy procedures, revealing to you their secrets and practical tips to achieve the best possible result.

 The first day of the congress will be filled with presentations providing working knowledge on the principal aspects related to indications, planning and performing osteotomies. We are also going to present essential information on osteotomy biomechanics. We will discuss the influence of osteotomies on the reconstruction of cartilage, meniscus, as well as instability. This day will be the perfect start both for young and less-experienced surgeons getting started with osteotomies, and for those more experienced practitioners who will certainly have an opportunity to verify their knowledge and clear up any doubts in discussions with experts.

 On the following day, we want to reach deeper and talk about how to improve osteotomy outcomes, deal with complications, how to support the joint adjacent to the osteotomy to stimulate its regeneration, and how to further improve osteotomy planning and execution.

 Rehabilitation is an essential factor in the success of osteotomy, hence we would again like to include in our discussion the input from rehabilitation specialists, who will share their experiences with the treatment of patients following osteotomy.

 We are looking forward to seeing you at our congress.


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